Sicilia Spa
Sicilia Spa is the spa in Kuta area-located near the ocean is offering all-natural spa treatments created exclusively for those of every level people who is seeking to relax.

A total of seven rooms designed to offer an experience at least once in a lifetime. All five of the spacious treatment rooms contain two beds for double massages completed with shower and bathtubs special designed for body treatment, one room contains one bed completed with shower and bathtub and one room is used for facial treatment. A nice and wide room for hair cares and also used for waiting room.

Programs are offered in rejuvenating customers' body and soul naturally.


Traditional Massage
Relaxing deep tissue and muscle massage with your choice of sandalwood or Frangipani-mint followed by relaxing hot water.

1 Hr : Rp 80.000,-

Shoulder Massage
30 Min : Rp 60.000,- 1 Hrs : Rp. 110.000,- To relieve tension and stress in specific parts of the body. 1. Neck 2. Shoulders 3. Full back

Foot Massage 30 Mins : Rp. 50.000,- 1 Hr : Rp 80.000,-


Rp 80.000,- ( 45 minutes ) Spoil and make your feet clean................ Foot Massage Foot Scrub ( Gently remove rough skin and soften the skin ) Soothing Foot Cream ( Moisturizing to soothe the skin ) Reviving Foot SPRAY ( Keep feet fresh and clean to its cooling deodorizing and anti - bacterial actives )


Honey Bath : Rp. 125.000,-
Massage using Honey combined with lemon, then leave for a few minutes as good as a body mask. Finally immerse yourself in a bath scented with flowers.

Milk Bath : Rp. 125.000,-
Massage using Sandalwood or Frangpani-mint, followed by using uor natural selection of milk body scrub. Then level in our milk body mask. Finally immerse yourself in a bath scented with flowers.

Balinese Boreh

Rp. 150.000,-
Massage using Spice Oil followed by aBalinese Boreh Body Mask made from warming spices to warm the body when a cold or flu threatens and soothe aching muscles, wrapped in a blanket to enjoy the deep penetrating heat. Finnaly spice bath creates a warming and refresing dath experience.